Advanced RS‑485 serial bus for EL.MO. security systems.

ULTRABUS® is the EL.MO. RS‑485 serial bus that introduces a whole new approach to creating intrusion detection systems. Devices connected to the ULTRABUS® RS‑485 serial line are fully software controllable and programmable, either locally or remotely. This results in a considerable reduction in the number of field devices (concentrators and cabling) compared to classic hardwired devices, with the added bonus of advanced settings.


Considerable reduction in field devices and cabling


Remote configuring and editing of device parameters via BrowserOne software


Connection via RS‑485 simplifies the structure of an intrusion detection system


Simplifies the installation process


Precise, accurate configuration of all devices


100% Italian-made top-quality products

Configuration via software

Devices from the ULTRABUS® line enable full configuration via the BROWSERONE software, even from a remote PC via LAN/WAN, making installation and maintenance procedures that much easier. When it comes to sensors, there are numerous parameters for fine-tuning them to perfection and adapting them to the conditions of the environment they are set in, while the siren can be personalized with various specific features.
  • Configuration via PC using BrowserOne, even remotely
  • Simple, intuitive software, compatible with the whole family of control units in the EL.MO. intrusion detection line.
  • Live detection of ambient noise for accurate setting of alarm thresholds for each sensor, making them immune to the noise normally present in the room.

Reduced costs

Using devices connected directly to the ULTRABUS® serial line results in a considerable reduction in costs: it means there is no need to use concentrators, while the amount of cabling needed to reach the products is significantly reduced. Essentially, the only outlay is the cost of laying the serial cable, in addition to the field devices.
  • Once the cable has been laid, and the products (sensors, sirens, smoke screen systems, control devices, serial line repeaters...) connected and addressed, all you need to do is switch on the PC and use BrowserOne to configure the whole system.
    So there is no need to physically go to each individual device and fiddle with the DIP switches or jumpers inside: everything is done sitting in front of a PC. All this means it takes a lot less time to get the system up and running.
  • Using a single cable to connect all the devices results in a significantly less complex alarm system.
    There is actually no longer any need for branching to reach devices, and you no longer need to place concentrators for sensors to be connected to: a single cable serves as the system's backbone.
  • Remote configuration via PC means shorter installation times, as well as less time spent on future maintenance. Installers can set field devices from the comfort of their own offices.
    This means you get a system that is consistently maintained and offers lasting efficiency.

Advanced functions

ULTRABUS® sensors offer advanced functions: live detection of ambient noise for accurate setting of alarm thresholds, and the REC function for waveform recording and subsequent playback. In the LEDA485 sirens, the multifunctional LEDs and the warning light, sounder and voice warnings can be personalized based on events.
  • ULTRABUS®‑based sensors can be set highly accurately and with personalized settings. Functions like AND/OR mode, anti‑sneak, anti‑masking, anti‑blinding, look‑down, and LED enabling can all be set up directly via PC, even remotely. In addition, range, sensitivity, IR and MW thresholds, integration, and prealarm waiting times can all be set accurately with just a few clicks.
  • Another high-value-added feature - the only one of its kind - is the "REC" function. What it does is allow you to record each sensor's waveforms, thus enabling installers to make their way though the system and then view the behaviour of each sensor on the monitor via the highly accurate playback feature. This proves very useful for understanding the behaviour of sensors during their normal activity.
  • The ULTRABUS® sensors can store locally the waveforms relating to the last alarm triggered. The sensor's alarm log can be read and viewed directly via the BROWSERIESS software.

Extended range

The RPX485 repeater is an active part of ULTRABUS® systems. It repeats, regenerates and isolates the serial line, while enabling you to create simple or complex star structures with greater ranges. Using two RPX485 devices, the distance covered can be extended up to 3 km, and you can produce large systems with a single serial line.

Split the serial line into 2 complex branches

Complex star structure

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